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We offer our clients the best quality dog grooming in Springfield, MA using the best tools and techniques along with our years of experience working with different breeds of dogs. Our grooming experts are all certified by the National Dog Grooming Association of America, which offers customers peace of mind knowing that their cherished pets are in good hands.

Proper dog grooming is significantly more important than a simple haircut. We will give your dog a total bath and an expert examination that can alert you to any possible health issues that you may need to take into consideration. As the first line of expertise before a costly veterinarian’s visit, we can help you ensure that your beloved pet dog maintains good health well into his or her senior years with regular grooming.

Our dog grooming services consist of several steps that are carefully taken by our expert groomers:

• Flea Shampooing Bath—The first step is to completely clean your dog with the highest quality shampoo to leave the coat looking lustrous and shiny.
• Styling—If desired, we can trim your dog’s fur coat to your needs.
• Drying & Brushing—After the bath and styling, we dry and brush your dog’s fur to perfection.
• Nail Trimming and Ear Cleaning—The last step is a total cleanup of your dog’s nails and ears.

We offer very reasonable prices for our grooming services and can even provide deshedding services for very hairy species.

If you would like to have your dog feeling fresh and pleasant with a fresh wash, call us today and schedule your dog grooming appointment.

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